comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

#1 06-09-2008 12:10:37

comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

j\'ai branché un casque et je n\'entends plus de son

#2 06-09-2008 12:11:16

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

#3 21-03-2009 10:43:38

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

bonjour je voudrai s avoir pourquoi ,je n ai plus de son sur mon ordinateur merci d avence

#4 19-12-2009 14:21:11

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

bonjour je n ai pa sle son dans mon pc pourquoi

#5 17-02-2011 16:38:02

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

Je N'arrive Plus A Avoir Le Son Sur Mon Ordinateur Comment Dois-je Faire Svp Merci A L'avance

#6 29-05-2011 16:18:47

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

je arrive pas dactiver mon sur ordinatur

#7 04-08-2011 14:20:48

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

je n'arrive pas à rétablir le son sur mon ordinateur

#8 14-10-2011 15:04:03

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

je n'rrive pas a activer le sons

#9 26-10-2011 20:46:52

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

slt j voulais écouté youtube mais j n'entends pas je veut d el'aide

#10 01-11-2011 14:24:36

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

j'ai désactivé par erreur le son de mon ordi mais ne ne sai plus le remetre veuillez m'aider

#11 16-11-2011 20:13:06

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

je veux activee sur mon ordinateur

#12 03-12-2011 16:44:43

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

je n ai plus de son avec skype

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

love you not because of who you are,but because of who I am when I am with you.
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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

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Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

NBA Kevin Durant hit shoot 28 scores and won Argentina team

On 7 August, the U.S. men's basketball team beat Argentina in last competition with a 126-97 victory and won the champion

Kevin durant (the Po) greubel forsey replica
  hit 8 in 10 balls and gain 28 scores and four rebounds and four assists.
Lebron James gain 18 points, Chris Paul gain 17 points and seven assists. Kevin-low and andrei YiGeDaLa each won  13 points and kobe Bryant gain 13 scores Cartier Replica Watches

While Argentina team won the third prize .  Manu ginobili scored 16 points and carlos delfino had 13 points, small gutierrez and Andy, northBell Ross 126
west aone had 12 points each

Although both teams are already in the finals, but it's obviously not their goal, both sides are trying to win. The United States in bell ross br02
  the first quarter hit seven 3-pointers, but Argentina team also keep high hit rate and does not fall behind . Kevin durant and Paul shortly after the opening successively a 3-pointer, and the United States on 11-5 keep
big bang Hublot  the first place . After Private caparzo scored three Cartier Roadster 18 k Gold Replica
points, kobe Bryant probably also achievements, the United States will continue to keep first place . Ginobili rested, first he "playing three points" successful, and replica watches
then cast twice "ling2 Po wei2 a step", after the break points, Argentina to 15-14 33-31 lead the no. 1 .  Argentina in the end of this section with 32-31 lead. Durant hit the buzzer three points br01-92-wd-b-v-27
. the United States finally to 34-32 came again. The first section ginobili have 11 points bundle.

The second quarter for the two teams are still fierce big bang-16
. This section with seven minutes, Paul won a 3-pointer, and the United States won in 43-37 , but Argentina also not fall behind . After half of this section, Gutierrez won a 3-pointer, w69012z4
and both parties tied 45-45. Both sides were fluent in attacking, but are unable to guard the opponent. The first half will end, manu ginobili Breitling Super Avernger a13370 blue baton
near in midfield James tripped over, two free throws, Argentina with w51008q3
only 59-60 lag behind.

The first two quarter ,  American Rolex Daytona Replica hit 9 of 22 shooting , Argentinahit 7 of 15 shooting .  For the hit rate , Argentina hit more than 50%, higher than the United States. Ginobili  got 16 points himself and four Chopard classics replica rebounds and three assists. Paul got 14 points for the United States, durant 11 points.

James also replica Michael Kors had nine points in the first half quartz  . In the third quarter his offensive are more fierce, At the beginning of this section , He hit the Rolex day-date replica watches shooting and then another record three points, won the United States first  seven points, quickly crossed with the Argentina . Durant also Chopard happy sport replica  show us his great power, and constantly outside shot hit, this section he made five 3-pointers. In this section 1 points 52 seconds left, Swiss watches durant continue to hit a 3-pointer, and in a 93-74 lead the 19 points. Duran hereby three points after finally break, but low score rebound shot directly Chronograph watches. Anthony 90000 hit this section the buzzer three points, the United States single quarter with 42-17 victory over, after three to a 102-76 lead the no.1 all the way cheap watches .

In the United States and the in were, Argentina doesn't fall wind in the first half, but from the third quarter on, Argentina cannot keep up with Cartier watches the pace of the United States any more , Only speak of theory attack , America is the best and strongest .

"His steps elegant such as floating through the air, While greubel forsey replica watches head like a stretch in the clouds." France's football magazine once describe Usain Bolt . Yes, He certainly looks to some different . who is too high Tourbillon 24 Seconds Incline , the legs are too long, the focus is too high, the waist too “Fit". All these characteristics in the traditional is considered suitable for sprint. But Mr Usain Bolt  Again change people’s limit of the imagination . Invention Piece 3  Bolton's really strange creatures from outer space? Our reporter will show you all !

More than 2.20 meters in length ,  In the NBA, he can be the millsup .

Flying man Usain Bolt , Amazing long arm , 100 m only 41 steps
Four years ago in the nest in 2008 Beijing movado watch men . He shocked the world and People remember the amazing result in 9.69 seconds . at the same time, also remember him " Bow Movado Sapphire  shoot eagles " celebrations. He named this motion for "the future". No matter before or after the game ,Bolton will take out the feature action to show off Movado Museum .  Those audience  lucky enough who take a closer look at the performance of  will feel this way: bolton's arm is too long!

Measurement data shows, chrstian dior paris g20m watch  he section 7 to spine arm of the distance between the wrist to an astonishing 99 cm. He is in no on two big palm length, especially on the line of Christian Dior Hot watches  the arms bolton length is already close to two meters. And we know of common sense is that the normal are with same length and height. cartier pasha mens watch  And the bolton's case is and the general international standards of human body completely false, for he barefoot the height of measuring only 1.94 meters. Therefore, bolton's figure is out of normal Cartier Tank Louis Cartier

Leg more than 1 m long , 100 m only need 41 steps .

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Chinese Customer Group Highly Sport London Olympic Economy

China shopping group will continue to Europe with average sum of 200 pounds in consumption . Try to catch European luxury finally tail Jaeger Lecoultre Gyrotourbillon 1

2012 years of British Olympic Games do not like 2008 China's Olympic Games that give the strong support in the economy  Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrotourbillon 1 Mens . Although Britain adopted various measures to boost the economy, hope the Olympics developed Britain's economy while the British not do that . Jaeger-LeCoultre Q6006420  But the Chinese are warm-hearted enough and never stop their shopping for the luxury even in Britain with average every sum of 200 pounds in consumption

Olympic are desolated by Native resident but Chinese consumers save Olympic economy

Chinese consuming ability is very powerful Michael Kors Goldtone Womens where they are and highly "recognized" in any country . Along with the British Olympic tourist boom, Chinese consumer group sweeping goods in Britain Michael Kors MK5139 . Compared those who think "Olympic Games has nothing to do with me" Native English than . Chinese consumers give much more power to the economy  Goldtone Womens .

Local time on August 2,, the British government announced the first week of tourism income, global tourists in London costs Bvlgari Diagono Professional 445 million pounds. One Chinese tourists costs high-most average consumption as high as 203.04 pen pounds (about 2030 yuan) than in the next the united Arab emirates 10% higher. The streets of London Bvlgari SC40GVD everywhere "we duty-free" Chinese ", the London open all their arms and very interested in the Chinese wallet .

Can you imagine a gymnastics active athletes age limit ? 25 years old? 30 years old? In London Olympic women's gymnastics replica Michael Kors watches vault final Completion , Oksana Ch Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier usovitina on behalf of the German again stand to competition terrain this year . She is 37 years old and is the only one who take part in the Olympic Games for 5 times Cartier Swiss watches .

A lot of people think that the thletes so old to Olympic Games Replica Cartier Santos should come to enjoy the game. While that is not for Oksana Chusovitina . She can say is the most "utilitarian" gymnastics players, Cartier Must 21 because she took part in the Games with the only purpose is to earn bonuses to cure her son

Oksana Chusovitina was born in uzbekistan in June 1975 . At her age of 16 , She won the goldCartier Pasha medal and Vault silver Gold in the World championships and free exercise tanacu on behalf of the Commonwealth of the Independent States . In 1992 toCartier Tank She took part in the Olympic Games at first time on behalf of the Commonwealth of the Independent States and won women's Chopard replica watches team gold medal; After 1996 Atlanta Olympics Oksana Chusovitina retired and get married to Uzbekistan wrestling athletes buck del. Three years later, they have a son ASHLEY

The original happy family Chopard Happy Sport Replica life was broken in 2002: Ashley was diagnosed with leukemia. This year, the family made an important decision: her husband to look after Chopard Happy Sport Happy Hearts replica watches children at home, 27-year-old Oksana Chusovitina went back to the games . “A world championship gold medal worth 3000 euros, which is very important to me. " Oksana Chusovitina said. Chopard Classics replica watches

In the last 10 years, the mother took part in our championship, world championships and the Olympic Games, Rolex replica watches than the vaulting horse, even took part in the almighty. To get a better treatment for her son , she changed to be Germany and started playing for Germany. In 2008, she represented Germany of the Olympics Replica Daytona replica watches in Beijing and get the vaulting horse silver gold . All her story become a legend.

London's Olympic women's vault final, Oksana Chusovitina at the age of 37 won the 5th place , but she has finished  Rolex Daytona Cosmograph her last wish .

The SAN Antonio airport receive a bomb threat call , The police emergency evacuees

According to American B.M.W watch
media, the SAN Antonio, Texas international airport local time on August 1, afternoon received a bomb threat phone. Police then developed to check , and evacuated Big Bang King 48mm
all the public  in the airport . At present, the airport are back to normal operations.

At that afternoon about 2.00 pm , Hublot Big Bang watches
SAN Antonio airport staff received phone call from a man .  The man said he left his luggage in the airport parking lot and three bombs will explode.

Raymond Weil Parsifal
Airport staff call the police immediately and then organize the evacuation . When the temperature reach as much as 38 degrees . The airport  arrange 25 air-conditioned to carry about 1000 passengers. In addition,  Franck Muller Conquistador Men's Watch with Diamond Bezel
all the arrival and departure all flights suspended, the threat of flight arrived before happened at anchor in a remote area of short distance, passenger left in within the aircraft waiting Perrelet replica watches

The police, the fire department and equipped with the dog team also bomb blast in the first time hurried to the airport, reguet replica watches
said the bombs to the parking lot for testing. The fbi and the department of homeland security investigators also involved in the investigation.

Hot new Breguet
After the event, police spokesman says, The man call say 3 bomb in the three cars of in the parking lot , the dog also react there contain explosives in the cars  . But the police finally found no explosives. vacheron constantin malte 43041/000

At 4 PM, SAN Antonio international airport is in the home page on FACEBOOK announced two terminal building has been reopened, Micheal Kors replica watches
but the police investigation don't end. The parking lot in question is still closed, to dismantle to play forces are assessment of the suspicious vehicle.

Lady GaGa Winter Dress Show up in New York Streets , Explore fashion Heat

International online entertainment reported, Micheal Kors replica watches
the local time Tuesday, fashionable mother Ladygaga dressed in a pink gorgeous fur well-dressed appeared in New York city streets, which make all the public amazed Longines Hydro Conquest
.  Yes. That  is the LadyGaGa !  In such hot summer in New York  . Gaga have such winter dresses on the street is really a very hot light point ! Everyone stop and took a photo for the Gaga Hublot Big Bang

It is reported, Lady gaga is very good mood today, is to sweep the goods, portable armani bag, it seems Cartier Santos mens
that she had shop a lot of good things .

Beijing time on August 8, the Forbes magazine published over the past year the income of the star couple, In this charts from May 2011 to May 2012 statistics , European pop diva Beyonce Knowles and her a.lange & sohne 310.025
husband Jay-Z  become the world's best paid star couple  with income $78 million .  David Beckham  couple ranking third, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is ranking at the fourth  A] Lange & Sohne 1815
Stars Couple Income list : Beyonce rank no.1 and Beckham rank no.4
In May 2010 to May 2011 star couple income in the list, beyonce couple also rank high on the second one replica seiko sportura
, and in this year's latest list, they are $78 million in earnings climbed to the top. According to Forbes magazine's statistics, beyonce in this past year income reached $40 million Seiko Sportura
, her husband's income than even higher than 2 million, if not by birth to daughter cloth dew • Ivy (Blue Ivy) scattered the energy, believe her income will be higher santos 100

In the number two, is the world supermodel giselle • bond Calvin (Gisele Bundchen) and her in Cartier Must 21
American football league effect players husband Tom Brady (Tom Brady), two people in last year's total income reached 72 million us dollars Cartier replica watches
; Third is the British soccer star David Beckham and wife Victoria (Victoria (the Po) Beckham), two people's income is $54 million, and this has been 24 million fewer. than the Cartier Tank Francaise
  beyonce couple

Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie this pair must husband and wife in the womens watches ceramic
fourth row, two people last year's gross earnings for 45 million; Hollywood stars Will Smith (Will Smith) and his wife movado 1881 men watches
Jada da ping g Harriet Smith (Jada Pinkett Smith) ranks fifth place, two people's income for 40 million dollars

London Olympic gold medal itself worth around $620  Victorinox Swiss Army Watches
, but the Olympic gold medal "value" never not only that little , from training an Olympic champion costs to the gold medal Replica Swiss Army watches
of rewards and commercial value a How much will a gold medal cost ?

1-    Training 
At least 20000 dollar 10 years .

No man is born to be Phelps, Behind the flowers applause and millions of dollars sponsorship , they Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier
  spend a lot of time and money for training. Such as the United States "black pearl" gaby Douglas was only 16 years old won the Olympic women's gymnastics all-around champion, There will be a brilliant future and much money waiting for her in her future life Breitling SuperOcean Chrono
. But for the moment, how much her family paid?

Douglas start to train a gymnastics club in Virginia , pay $1200 a year to the administrative service .The clothes and protective equipment, the stem of the handle cost $63 Superocean Chrono
. Now tight gymnastics already risen to $174 a set ;  jacket and pants suit for warm up cost up to $342, a pair of wristbands to $60. So to train a gymnastics practitioners Breitling Professional
as Douglas one year will spend $1893, 10 years at least costs $20000 to achieve the degree to participate in the Olympic Games Breitling Super Avenger

Many athletes family will even move in order to find a better club  . Gaby Douglas 14 came to Iowa alone to join Breitling Bentley Flying B
  Chinese teacher QiaoLiang gymnastics club. The trip ticket price around $700, Thanks to Douglas choosing to live in the local family, If not buying a house will cost about $150000. To pursue the Greubel Forsey Replicas
sports dream and leave daughter alone ,  Douglas's mother said, "this is my life most painful and worst decision."

2 awards
From 0 dollars to 1.2 million dollars Tourbillon 24 Seconds Incline

A gold medal award $1.2 million, Georgia at present offer the highest price for a Olympic gold medal . Central Asian countries , Georgia as a representative , shouted to offer a high prices and hope to get more MEDALS in London Cartier Tank Americaine

Affected by European  debt crisis . Replica watches reviews
European countries are mean for the champions . the lowestis Britain, they think this is a personal honor and Olympic champion will Swiss Army Men 24695
  ll be without money reward, but the government will issue a head with the champions of the stamps. Compared to other European countries, Italian so called "generous" also Cartier Ballon Bleu W69002Z2
was questioned by media

Some "sports investors", such as the United States, also are very mean Cartier 18kt Pink Gold
.  each champion athletes awarded $25000, and need to pay individual income tax $8750 . According to this Cartier Ladies W69002Z2
rule, swimming star Phelps should have for his more gold MEDALS paid $130000 in taxes.

This week, the United States senator, Breitling Bentley Flying B J28362
mark robbie and Congressman Blake • method put forward for grace's Olympic champion of duty-free bill . Athletes will not worry about the large Bentley Flying White Gold
tax worries after return

3 business opportunities
Gold medal behind is million dollar sponsorship

Gaby Douglas get Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon
gymnastics almighty gold medal in the Olympics andwon the Olympic champion . who became the first black girl to win be the champion . This gold MEDALS to her doesnot mean Greubel Forsey GF03OR5CN
only $25000 reward.

Douglas in social networking site "push," won the 50000 fans and her head appearing in Yahoo and online edition Hot New Superocean
  of CNN the headlines . Her victory got "talk show queen" oprah congratulations.

Many Olympic champions is like a flash in the pan, but Superocean Breitling watches
in the United States, the women's gymnastics championship is worthy of the name "golden girl". Douglas Oris replica
  ‘s "champions elder" , Their exercise climax stage has gone but they still appear constantly in the magazine covers, television interviews and cosmetics ads Oris Tt3

China News Service Toronto on August 10 report (reporter LaiHaiLong) Movado Esperanza Ladies Watch
10 days after British Columbia's appeals court , It rejected the federal government of Canada's request and maintain the British Columbia Supreme White Movado Ladies
  Court a decision made before : the 64-year-old gloria Taylor can immediately asked the doctor to help the euthanasia. Movado Sapphire 0606307

British Columbia Supreme Court Canada •in June made a ruling said, banned the doctor to help the patient euthanasia Movado Mens watch 0606307
, which is against legal human rights charter. The high court judge granted the case involved personality loli Taylor can immediately asked the doctor to help the euthanasia rights Movado Sapphire 0606093

The 64-year-old Mrs Taylor has long suffered muscle atrophy sclerosis of pain .  But according to Canada current laws , any doctor can Movado Sapphire replica
help patients died.

The judge Lynn Smith' has made this decision according to the reasons for the 395-page rulingr, replica michael kors watches
and give the federal government a year to consider changes to the existing law. But the judgejjudged Taylor Women Michael Kors Watches
not restricted by the limit current law, so that she can get help to suicide within this year.

Since then, the mens michael kors watches
Canadian federal government announced on July 13 this appeals. The government thinks, the doctor can help suicide against ruling law of Canada.

Michael Kors Blackout Glitz mk5360
Canada's attorney general rob Nicholson said, according to the "Canada punishment festival" thattthey ban the medical professionals to provide assistance in suicide is right Michael Kors Watch mk5360

Nicholson said in a statement, formulate related euthanasia and assist suicide law, in order to protect all Michael Kors Color Womens MK5266
canadians, including those patients, the old man and the disabled people and disadvantaged groups.

The appeal court judges j.k. brow, said in a written ruling that banning of Taylor euthanasia cause Michael Kors Color Womens Chronograph
irreparable injury, Taylor got much more hurt than the interests that federal government gained .
Michael Kors Womens Chronograph
Brow, admitted that, in the case of the euthanasia Taylor has become a symbol. But, at the same time that block thought that Taylor is also a should not sacrifice. for so-called "greater interest" Replica watches

On 8th August , cartier santos diamond copy men
Russia's deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin on Twitter said: "every prostitutes when they get old always love to moralizing. Especially in overseas tour Cartier Santos replica reviews
Take off your cross or put on your underpants ." These words are widely considered to aim at the American pop diva Madonna Cartier Santos 100 Watch W20132X8
who had a concert in Russia , On 7th  Madonna music conference in Moscow urged the Russian government to release the women band who sing a song again Cartier Santos 100 Women Watch
  st Mr Putin . and publicly support Russian gay.

But according to AFP reports on 10th , Cartier Santos Mens Watch W20060D6
Dmitry Rogozin on 9th clarified that he did not reproach Madonna. Britain's "daily telegraph" on 10th report that Cartier Santos W20060D6
  Dmitry Rogozin ‘s blog on 8th not fully spell the word "prostitute", but with the letter "b" instead of, but B in Russian is the abbreviation Cartier Santos 100 Large Men W200728G
of "prostitute". While Dmitry Rogozin on 9th explained that the letter b do not necessarily represent prostitutes, can also said "virgin" or "ballet female" . Cartier Santos Demoiselle Ladies WF9001Y7
  But they immediately think of to the virgin of so-called Madonna even if I say nothing about her

On 9th in st Petersburg's concert, Madonna's special request the audience "friendly treat gays", Blamed by he local people Cartier Santos Demoiselle Ladies
, criticized that it is against the law of Spreading gay to young children

Since the opening of the London Olympics Games Breitling Superocean Steelfish, there often explored "good ticket bad seat" scandal Breitling Superocean Steelfish A17390.

#23 22-08-2012 15:47:57

Re: comment activer le son sur mon ordinateur?

Dragon feuler jours a également, à plusieurs reprises, la semaine prochaine FengZiMing d’appel à leur famille, et pour le sport pour son fils, il a promis de LianLian FengZiMing, beats by dre au coeur de la semaine prochaine à l’école a commencé à exercer votre fils mort et demi, quelle peine le week-end, mais également si sa femme à c?té de lui ne sont pas nouvelles pour TaoTao LaoFeng ainsi que de son c?té à cheval une bicyclette le c?té. Lundi LaoFeng margaret okayo, tests rare accourir effectué entièrement, beats by dre prix ce qui donne lieu à des tests, après le programme cards a convoqué un tout. ?Notre classe globale 2400 mètres ont obtenu de meilleurs résultats que la semaine dernière, mais également et B) comportent des lacunes, par classe ou B a procédé à deux jours la semaine dernière nuit si une formation sur le terrain, le YangYang bien, beats Pas Cher vous pas avant, dont les résultats ne leur permettent pas une formation sur le terrain, les résultats obtenus, ce test a également passé.? Eh bien dit que nous au cours de cette semaine à une formation sur le terrain? Dans beaucoup ZhangBo émotion, demande si on regarde la semaine dernière ont BanJiTi B avec bonheur, camping peut admirer comme cité.

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